Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Win $500 and iPod Nano

I love pink and I like this iPod Nano that is Pink in color. I do not have iPod Nano and I hope I can win $500 and an iPod Nano, this contest is held at Roseate Marketing Tips . This is the blog where you can find tips on making money online. I hope I can win this contest as winner is based on the one with the highest points collected in the contest. Contest ends soon, so I am working hard to collect points

New Ipod Nano - Nine Amazing Colours

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Feeling hungry

I am feeling hungry right now, it is 6.30 in the evening. I am having sort throat too, and I also feeling heaty and I drinking water.

Tomorrow is another day, I am happy to see that my sis has gone to her temple. Well, I am not HAPPY but feeling SAD!! She has gone there and she does not care about how my dad's feel. Dad told her that he is heartache she went there and she told him that she is not go die so do not be sad.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

No Pink lappy for me!

I went ot the PC fair and it was tiring, I saw what I like but very sad the pink notebook or laptop its either sold out or the price is way too high for me. Search high and low in the Computer Fair finally I found one that is reasonable and reliable.

The brand I like are Dell and Asus! Dell is having service problem for me as the location is far away for me. As for Asus it is available at all shopping mall that I love to go. Which notebook have I got myself?

Stay tune I will update new post about it!

Pink found me!

I am so happy that Pink found me, what I mean to say is that I won this sanitary pad contest. I got myself pink MP4 Player! I won another contest also but very sad I think I will not able get the prize it is related to Market Leverage! I already signed up but then I have not hear anything from them.

Umm... I am not the only one have such experience.

My new baby PINK MP4 Player

I wanted to sell this as I have got MP3 player I am so in love with PINK and I Heart it! As there is nobody offer to buy from me. I might just want to keep it for myself.

Yeah this look exactly like iPOD but its not that brand. I have not try it as it is brand new and I got it few days ago.

Lovely Prize for me and only me! Well not really that are 49 lucky winners that got this too!

Welcome to Tempo Pink

If you are new here stick around, I love pink so will post up pic stuff.

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