Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Drive or take Taxi to Midvalley

I am going to Midvalley from Subang jaya, I check online the fare for taxi range rm21 to rm25, depend on traffic condition and night fare coming back to Subang jaya would cost rm31 above. It is expensive and I know it's tiring drive that far on my own, I have no choice but drive. I hope PMS come later I am seeing pimples on my face so mean PMS soon and also my legs are tired. If not mistaken next week will come, if not by end of this week. I need to collect two prizes one for myself another for sister in law. She won two prizes this month, last month she won also and need pick up at Midvalley. We took part in Magazine contests, my friend Sherlin even better won rm500 watch from April Cleo 2012 magazine. My previous post of the green day finally the lady from FB message to me saying nice to meet you. Well what can I say she has got over 5000 fans!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Green of the day

Yesterday I wore green blouse to go empire shopping gallery when I psssby the Loaf I saw someone which I am fan of in Facebook. I walked in to greet her and she is not friendly at all, she doesn't talk to you much. She only replied you that yes that is me when I asked if it is her name. I told her I am big fan of her. FYI green colour is part of her.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Street Love Reader's Appreciation 1st Blog Giveaway!

I love pink so much I even put my son in pink t-shirt. It was my t-shirt I wore it when I was 12 year old. I can't believe he can fits in. He is so shy in the picture, thinking of pink moment I like to tell you of this giveaway.

It is Street Love Reader's Appreciation 1st Blog Giveaway,it is open to blogger with address in Malaysia. She has got so much goodies to share with you, you can be one of the lucky participants to win. You can view more goodies giveaway at her blog entry post. Just click above link to take part.

Giveaway ends on 15 May, 2012.
I love to visit her blog often for her updates on Magazines, freebies, skin care product review and other. She has the pink nail polish review, the pink nail polish is just like the one you see in above picture. Don't just read here click above link now to find out how to win.

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