Sunday, June 21, 2009

Claim Prize from Contest!

Just want to update that the Prize that I won from a contest have not all collected.

1st Prize: My Pink Shoelace Teddy Bear (GOT IT)
4,000 entrepoints courtesy of Doi Speaks
4,000 entrepoints courtesy of Soloflight Ed
One 125×125 ad for one month on Doi Speaks
Web Art by Chocorico of Live Love Laugh and Fly

I have contacted Doi Speaks and Live Love Laugh and Fly. As for EC, I contacted pinkshoelace as I am not sure if sponsors have given her the EC.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Looking for post cards

I am referring to offline contest that I have tkaen part. I need to take part in the contest using the postcards so that I can post it. Tomorrow I will need to go to post office to mail them but first I need to find the recycle card.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Sis called me up about buying stuff

Tonight I went to the tenant where she stays at my sis place. I told her about my sis going to become a monk, they are shocked to know about this. They have seen her and they are neighbour too.

She too feels bad for me because my sis leaving my parents behind to do what she loves. I know that she wants to achieve her dream and it is just a few months away.

Pink MP4

I find out that the Pink MP4 that I am having it is only cost $150. I am not kidding even though the size and color are not the same but I see it is from the same manufacturer. I find out this at the Store shopping mall.

I love shopping there because it is cheaper and there is always sales there. But I prefer to go Billion shopping mall to buy milk powder as it is cheaper than the Store. How about you?

Updating blogs and delete widget

I just delete contest winners that won my ad spaces of 125x125. So I am going to update other blogs too as they are contest which I love to take part.

I sure hope I stand the chance to be one of the lucky winners.

Monday, June 1, 2009

A good week to start

I am so happy to have start Monday with happy smile as I have won a contest. That is a contest I taken part last minute. Well I just give my best shot and I won. You can find out more info from this blog.

There is a local contest which I am thinking to take part. The contest ends in this few days.

Should I give a try too?

Tempo Pink Headline Animator

Tempo Pink