Sunday, March 14, 2010

Review: Beng's Entertainment Spree

Today my blog review is Beng's Entertainment Spree, the blog is page rank 3 and using three columns template. I like the blog header as it consists of the family picture and picture of Beng. Beng is author of the blog, her blog currently having 81 followers. The blog is well managed and organize side bars. Beng is 36 year old working mom of two handsome boys, she is Philippines blogger.

I hope Beng can make changes of the colour of her template, for me I have problem to view the posts as the words I cannot see well due to the colour of template. I like the blog overall, they have pictures in the posts which you give you a better idea on what's Beng blog about.

If you are looking for update on entertainment, you can visit this blog. Other than that Beng also use the blog to as personal blog. I can see Beng's with the post on driving lessons. Look Beng have got herself a Guess wallet, its so pretty her friend is so kind to present this gift! Beng has also met up with some bloggers.

I love movies and I don't know about the 50 worst movies ever until I visit her blog. The post has got the complete list of the movies, find out which is the worst movie.


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